I’ve hired Tom to write copy for both agency work and tech content–proof that he’s adept at immersing himself in different industries and creating collateral that converts.
– Ursula Hessenflow, Co-founder, myLAB Box, Inc.

We work with Tom at Seso on a regular basis. His writing never fails to suit the needs of our clients, and the turnaround is always quick.
– Marc Mertens, CEO, SESO Media Group

Tom gets on it! He understands the subject matter quickly, is reliable and dedicated and gives you what you need in the first attempt itself! Tom is a good friend and working partner. I would love to work with him again soon.
– Geetika Agrawal, CEO/Founder, VAWAA

I’ve worked with all sorts of clients, from start-ups and small businesses to large corporations.

I’ve also written videogame dialog for D3, Vivendi Games, Sierra, Electronic Arts and Fox Interactive. Coraline, Fight Club and Die Hard:Nakatomi Plaza, Planet of the Apes, and World’s Scariest Police Chases are just a handful of games where I wrote to the voice of the license, and my work on those titles contributed to a quick turnaround with licensors, and the authenticity fans expect.

You can also find me on imdb and Mobygames.