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Portland Part Two

Here’s part two of the journal I kept when Ursula & I went to Portland for New Year’s. Ursula was interested in moving to Portland a few years ago, but we didn’t get around to checking it out until recently. You can find part one here. (You can also find the previous journal I kept […]

Portland Part One

12/30/08 – Tuesday We walk into Burbank airport as the PA system plays “The Power of Love”. I’m in a fog from last night’s sleeping pill, which is actually good, because I’m too hazy to have a meltdown over travel chaos. 8:00AM – We’re in flight, and the women two rows behind us won’t shut […]

Metropolitain Part IV

3/25/07 Sunday Throughout the trip, sleeping was erratic. Several times during the trip I would wake up early from strange dreams. One dream in particular was of Interpol threatening to deport me because I couldn’t provide a copy of my income taxes. We stayed at three hotel rooms during out trip – as I mentioned […]

Metropolitain Part III

Friday 3/23/07 On Friday, day four of the trip, we hung out in Montmatre, which is a tightly settled, hilly area. It’s sort of like an ancient Echo Park – complete with graffiti. The highpoint of the day was the visit to the Salvidor Dali museum, which had a few unfamiliar sculptures (if you are […]

Metropolitain Part II

3/21/07 Wednesday & 3/22/07 Thursday Ursula and I spent the next two days on the right bank with Ursula’s old college pal Huan and his wife Rekha, who were also vacationing and suggested that we take the trip to Paris in the first place. They’re foodies, and pretty intense ones at that. Imagine Sebadoh fans, […]

Metropolitain Part I

3/20/07 Tuesday The first day of our trip to Paris was spent mostly on the plane: a flight over 12 hours with a stop in Houston. We flew on Continental and spent most of our time watching various permutations of CSI. Our flight landed in Charles de Gualle, where I noted a few interesting structures […]