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Back to the Garage

In Draw Magazine #16, Howard Chaykin said that he reinvents himself as an artist every couple of years. It seems to me that all commercial artists, regardless of the art they create, should take this idea to heart, since technology introduces radical shifts in how the work is created, perceived, and received on a regular […]

Solutions for Blocked Creators

Almost every creative person gets blocked sooner or later. Here are some ways to break the block. Click here to read my other articles at Suite 101.

Automatic Writing One

And still its wings beat in unison to the pentameter of the grey shale stone that surrounds the cottage I am trying to hide in at the moment. I know it, I know it, I know that I can’t stay forever, sooner or later I have to get something to eat, something to fuck. But […]

Semi-Automatic Writing VIII

I knew the invitation was a trap, despite it resembling a normal postcard, the kind you would find in the front of a record store. The postcard was handed to me in front of the Burgundy Room at 1:45am by a deluxe quirk-quisinarted teenager that was a step beyond melrose gutter punk, more like faux […]

Archetypes & Effective Characters

I had a hard time with this entry, not because of the source material, but in terms of where to analyze. The concept of Archetypes is easy enough to follow in Jung and Campbell…and I live in LA, so I know all about the Hero’s Journey and how much it means to movie studios. But […]

A Toolbox of Elements

The following is a list of elements in a modular methodology. The idea here is to think of think of parts of the creative process like a modular synth. In no particular order: Archetype Color Sequence Output/Future Forms Synethesia Hacking Schematics Semantics Semiotics Iconography Tempo/Cadence Spells Harmonics Triads [ad#Google Adsense]