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Monthly Archives: June 2008

SCLA: Stereotypecast

Second City Los Angeles will perform their final showing of Stereotypecast Friday June 27th . I checked the show out with Ursula a few weeks ago and really dug it. The show is a collection of sketches about stereotypes, ranging from everyday occurrences to surreal situations. Ticket are $10 each in cash at the door […]

Thea by Sonic nova

Sonic Nova is an artist & adventurer illustrating the big myths and dirty little corners of his imagination to share with the galaxy. He is known to have a semi-secret headquarters in Troy City. if you run into Sonic Nova, approach him with glam rock, hot broads, and extreme caution. You can find Sonic Nova’s […]

Norma & Margie

When it comes to being an extra-dimensional courier, Norma is the oldest of the old-timers. Margie is employee of the month, with skills and techniques that are state of the art. Together they set out on their greatest mission! Norma & Margie trailer in Flash or Quicktime. Trailer music by Kriss Bliss. LoFi Flash [8.1 […]