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Monthly Archives: March 2008

WWLA: The X-Men Panel

Marvel marketing guru Jim McCann took the lectern at the WWLA X-Men panel Saturday afternoon clad in a black and red X-Men jacket as Peter David, Matt Fraction, Craig Kyle, Aubrey Sitterson, and Chris Yost took their seats. Marc Guggenheim phoned in while he fought traffic on the I-10 freeway. The two screens displaying the […]

Metropolitain Part IV

3/25/07 Sunday Throughout the trip, sleeping was erratic. Several times during the trip I would wake up early from strange dreams. One dream in particular was of Interpol threatening to deport me because I couldn’t provide a copy of my income taxes. We stayed at three hotel rooms during out trip – as I mentioned […]

Queen Kwong at the Echo Curio

Photo by Lou O’Bedlam Sincerity is hard to come by in Echo Park, especially at night. Drive by the Echo any Friday, and you’re bound to see a dozen idiots with tight jeans, mullets, and Loverboy headbands; Bad outfits to convey irony, where the intent is actually to conform. So when I read that Queen […]