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Category Archives: Illustration

Illustration: Turnip Head

Concept Art by me for a project on

Illustration: Judo Heirs Tribute Skate Graphic

Judo Heirs Tribute Skate Graphic by me.

Meltdown University: Final Project

Here’s the inked pages for the basic drawing class final at Meltdown University taught by Jim Higgins. I think these came out okay for a first attempt, but I still prefer the pencils to the inks. I was going to re-letter the pages and touch up the inks before posting these, but I think it […]

Linear Perspective

Linear Perspective is a geometric technique used by artists to create the illusion of depth in drawings and make their scenes appear realistic. There are two basic components to Linear Perspective: the Horizon Line and the Vanishing Point. Read the full article here. Click here to read my other articles at Suite 101.

“Lizzie Borden: A Tale Of Two Cities”

Gallery X will be hosting “Lizzie Borden: A Tale Of Two Cities”, an exhibition of over seventy pieces of art focusing on Lizzie Borden from October 14th through November 17th. The reception will be held this Saturday, October 17th, 7pm-10pm. Gallery X is located at 169 William Street, New Bedford, MA.

Sonic Nova at Gallery X

Sonic Nova will be displaying some of his works at the Gallery X New Works Group Show, which will run from May 13th through June 14. The reception for the show will be held on May 16th from 7pm to 10pm.

Kriss Bliss & Sonic Nova at The Tomorrow Gallery

Kriss Bliss & Sonic Nova (who worked on Norma & Margie) will be presenting their latest work this Saturday at the Tomorrow Gallery as part of the Fall River Open Studios Tour. When: Saturday, May 09, 2009 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT Where: Tomorrow Gallery at Border City Studios 1 West St Fall River, […]

Thea by Sonic nova

Sonic Nova is an artist & adventurer illustrating the big myths and dirty little corners of his imagination to share with the galaxy. He is known to have a semi-secret headquarters in Troy City. if you run into Sonic Nova, approach him with glam rock, hot broads, and extreme caution. You can find Sonic Nova’s […]